How I Named My Blog

When my husband and I were dating, my father-in-law had a red Toyota Corolla.  On the back windshield was a small sticker that said “Mind Gone…Back Soon.”  I always thought that was funny, because there were several times I thought the man was out of his mind.  It always stayed with me in some form or fashion, and I often wanted to go and find something similar to it for me to put on my own car or even my husband’s car.

I was never able to find it, but when I was planning out how I would do this blog, that sticker came to mind.  And to be honest, it is truthful in many ways because there are times when even I am out of my ever loving mind, and I will return to “normal” soon enough.

So there you have it, that is how I came up with the idea of naming this blog!

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