Not Swinging

I work in IT for a small company.  A majority of the staff are over the age of 60 and/or know nothing about computers.  It makes for an interesting day as I am often called out of my office for the most basic of questions.  I also get asked about how to operate all sorts of electronic gadgets, usually personal phones, tablets, or laptops.

We have a telecommuter who is in the office one week per month.  Her office is across the hall from mine, and she is 74 years old.  She fancies herself as tech savvy and yet there is always something wrong with her computer.  It is a brand new computer and is never causing problems for other staffers, which makes me think she is tinkering with it, although she swears that she isn’t doing anything.  Even when her computer is working, she is always coming across the hall into my office, asking me all sorts of questions that are not within my position.

Because I am always at the office, I tend to know what is going on.  But her questions are not just restricted to what is going on or anything computer related.  She treats me as if I am her secretary, which is NOT the case.  And it is frustrating.  She is very snobby and insists that everyone use their “credentials” and is rather snotty to anyone who is beneath her.  (The look on her face the day she found out I have a Bachelor’s Degree was priceless, although I never stick it on the end of my name on my business cards like she does.)

When at her desk and she is working, I can tell when she is about to call me because I hear a very audible sigh.  And she will keep on doing it until either I acknowledge her or the person on the other side of her does.  It’s rather childish and drives me nuts.  Today I had my fill.  After the third time, I went in her office and asked her what in the hell was going on that had her making that annoying noise and that if it was related to her computer at work not acting like the one at home then I didn’t want to hear it.  I also told her (and in a rather ugly tone too) that it was passive aggressive and childish and that if she didn’t like the way her work computer worked then she could bring in her home computer and use it while she is here.  And I walked out.

This led to me being called into the Executive Director’s office again to discuss my rather rude behavior.  And once again I was asked if I was having a mood swing and if I should talk to my doctor about changing my medication.  I got angry.  And I let my temper flare and verbally let my boss have it.  I’m tired of being treated like dirt under this woman’s feet, I’m tired of her games, and I’m tired of having to fix what she is screwing up.  No one else seems to be having trouble with anything, only this woman.  I’ve had enough.

This woman has made it clear several times that she is retiring after her birthday in June.  I can hang in there until June.  But oh boy, it will be difficult!

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